Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waiting All Day

So I have a dog named Memphis. She's an Australian Cattle Dog and Doberman mix and is adorable as all hell. I call her a cow because she used to make this mooing noise when she was a puppy, and still does sometimes. It's gotten to the point that she thinks her name is cow, and gets all sad like she's in trouble when we call her Memphis. She is extremely intelligent, and picks up human mannerisms quite often, which is always entertaining. And, her favorite person in the world happens to be my dad.

When it's warmer outside, we usually leave our front door open so we can get some fresh air through the screen door. Memphis loves it. She's very nosy and likes to watch all the neighbors outside going about their business, as well as barking at the mailman. However, her favorite activity seems to be waiting for my dad to come home from work. She is always very excited to see him and annoy him by following him around the house. That's what she was doing here when I managed to get this photo of her. Waiting around for my dad to come home.