Monday, April 6, 2009

Today I Fell

This one is pretty simple. For starters, I thought I'd post one of my random little drawings, seeing as how I haven't done that yet. So here's the little anecdote to go with the drawing!

I was sitting around bored one day, cause, you know, it happens. I decided I was going to make an attempt at drawing something with a pen. I'd never been all that successful at my attempts with this before, so I didn't really expect anything good to come out of it. Just figured it was worth another shot. The next problem was finding something I actually wanted to sketch out. So I sifted through all the album art I had from various bands, and finally settled on a rose from one of The Used's albums. Fitting, because they're one of my favorite bands. But anyway! This was the end result, and I was rather impressed with myself. It is very rare that I like any of my drawings. Photography is definitely my preferred medium, but every now and then my hand sketches out something worthwhile.