Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Wet!

Again, my apologies for the gap in my posts. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day out, so I might go a-wandering to get some more photos for this.

Alright. So, when I was taking photography in high school, I took this really sweet photo of our garden hose with a little ant crawling on it that my teacher loved. She made me develop this massive print of it, that, to the best of my knowledge, is still hanging in her classroom. I couldn't find my print of that photo to scan and post on here, so I took another that is similar to it. This would be that photo.

Sad to say, I may never find the original of this. There is no cute little ant in this one and it is in color while the original was in black and white. That is what makes the two photos very different. It was so sunny out the day I took this that it brought out the lights and darks in the hose, while the original's black and white hue subdued the tones of the hose and made the blackness of the ant that much more noticeable. I like both for the purpose of showing how different two photos of one subject can really be.