Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Here's something a little different this time. Yes, it is still a photo, but the subject matter is rather different as far as the photographs I take go. Portrait work is something I'm wanting to get more into, but I'm pretty darn shy, so it's difficult for me to find people to photograph. I don't really have the balls to just walk up to someone, whether I know them or not, and say, "Hi. Mind if I take your photo?" Maybe someday I'll get to that point.

Anyhow, this would be a photo of one of my good friends, just doing what he does. [We all know him as House.] He writes songs and poetry on an almost constant basis, so it's very rare that he's not seen with a pen and notebook in hand. His talent is downright amazing, and I love his work. So one day I figured I'd snag a photo of him deep in thought with a pen in hand, and here is the result. I hope you enjoy the little change in subject of this post, seeing as how he might want to fight me if he sees that I blogged about this. Haha.