Monday, April 13, 2009

Flamingos and Shopping Carts

Alright, here's one with a weird story. For starters, this is another quick pen sketch, in case you couldn't tell. I must emphasize that the subject matter on this is not just a flamingo, but a plastic flamingo. And here is the odd, but amusing story behind my slight flamingo obsession.

First off, I have a shopping cart in my room. The story behind this shopping cart is that a friend of mine helped me take it from a CVS near my house and carry it up the stairs to my room so I would have somewhere to put things. Right now all my hats and hoodies are currently residing in it. Now, I told you that story to tell you this story. Someone very dear to me once told me that I'm the kind of person that appreciates the little things, and sometimes the odd things. To the extent that, if he were to steal a plastic flamingo for me out of someone's yard for my shopping cart, I would instantly love it. I, of course, agreed. It's now gotten to the point that I indeed have a little plastic flamingo in my shopping cart, I have a shell for my phone that has plastic flamingos on it, and I have a giant towel with, yes, plastic flamingos all over it. And to add to it, there are a good number of people who are trying their hardest to find plastic flamingos to give me because they also enjoy the weirdness of the sudden flamingo takeover. I'm sure there's something else I'm forgetting. So! That being said, I hope you enjoy my quick little sketch of a plastic flamingo, which has become an odd symbol of affection between me and the person who started this madness!