Thursday, May 14, 2009

Impending Autumn

True, I took this photo in the midst of Spring, and I found the fact that there was a very Autumn-ish leaf stuck in the grass of our front yard a bit odd. So there's the title, even though the actual time frame is quite off.

If you look back a few entries, you'll see a photo I took of my Megatron toy. It was a warm and very sunny day outside, so I figured I'd go a-wandering with my camera and, you know, use it. The I got the idea to take my Megatron toy outside and see if I could get something cool out of it, and indeed, I did. However, while I was taking photos of a toy that show just how much of a geek I am, I saw this leaf on the lawn that looked very out of place. So, I crept up on said leaf, set my camera on the ground and angled it up toward the sun, and snapped three quick shots [adjusting a bit in between so they didn't all look the same]. This was the second photo out of the three I took. It's by far my favorite because of the wide array of colors you can see. From the shadowy blues and bright greens in the grass, and colors ranging from red, to orange, and even some purple in the leaf. I hope you like it as much as I do. Till next time!